Kim Messer

It is unknown when or where Kim Messer was born. She was found at the age of 3 walking around a train station in Seoul, Korea. the police could find ID or her family so she was sent to Holt Agency orphanage. There she was named Kee Soon Baik and giving the "birth date" April 28th.
in 1971 Kee Soon Baik was adopted by an American couple. They renamed her Kimberly sue and she movied to the states (Silverton, Oregon).
during her college years Kim would study Tae Kwon Do and this is when she meet Mark Messer who would become her husband.
on July 18 1992 Kim Messer entered her first pro kick boxing match. it was held in Japan and she own with a head kick . As a kick boxer Kim Messer would win 3 titles.
in 96 Kim Messer desided to move in to boxing.
August 5, 2000 Kim Messer became the International Female Boxing Association (IFBA) World Boxing Champion in a fight that took place her home country of Koera.
She was also credited as being Korea's first female boxer.


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