Marion Jones

Born Octber 12, 1975 in LA.
Marion Jones had a very impressive track record in high school. In 91 she was named Track & Field News named Marion Jones female high school athlete of the year. Marion Jones held the longest jump (in long jumping) held by a high school girl 23 feet. Marion Jones won the Gatorade Circle of Champions National High School Girls Track and Field Athlete of the Year award 3 years in a row. Making her the only person to win it more then once.
went to North Carolina to play basketball will later quit the sport to focus on running in track and feild.
On August 8, 1997 Marion Jones becomes the fastest woman in the world when she wins 100-meter world championship in Athens, Greece in 10.83 seconds.
Marion Jones on June 20, 1998 became the first woman since 1948 to win 3 events in the U.S. national championships (the 100, 200 and long jum)
September 1998 Marion Jones wins the World Cup with the 4th fastest record in history (10.65)
Marion Jones sets the goal of winning 5 gold medals in the 2000 Olympic Games. She wins four.
Marion Jones is married to shoot putter C.J. Hunter (who was found guilty of using inhancement drugs during the 2000 Olympic games)


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