Michelle Kwan

full name: Michelle Wing Kwan
chinese name: Kwan Wing Shan
height: 5' 2"
Born July 7, 1980 in Torrance, California.
Michelle Kwan has be skating since the age of five.
in 92 Michelle Kwan was coached under Frank Carroll. After a bad showing during her jr nationals Michelle Kwan would go behind her coaches back to enter into Senior level in 94.
In the 98 Olympic games in Nagano, Japan Michelle Kwan won the silver medal.
2002 Michelle Kwan won the AAU Sullivan Award for Amateur Athletes (the only other skater to get this award was Dick Button)
That year Michelle Kwan also won the Bronze medal in the winter Olympic games held in Salt Lake City.
Michelle Kwan has won the US Championships 8 times, 96, 98-04.
Michelle Kwan is also a 5 time World Champion 96, 98, 00, 01, and in 03
she has 3 silver 7 World Championship medals 97, 99, 02


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